Welcome To Victory Bible Church

The Victory Bible Church community exists to help people in their relationship with God and His local church. Where ever your are in the process of seeking the God of the Bible, we have a something for you. Victory Bible Church began in the home of Pastor Ron and his wife, as a home Bible study, over the years we moved through borrowed rooms, until the Lord allowed purchase of our church building. We have and continue to see the hand of God as the church continues to unfold. At Victory we believe that in a day when many attempt to incorporate new cultural trends into their church experience, we at Victory Bible church strive to honor and uphold traditional Worship and preaching. Our objective is to please the Lord rather than the culture. We also believe the local church needs to be by local people for local people, and so we have no denomination or fellowship. That being the case we are directly responsible, and dependent on, the God of the Bible. Although we have seen the Lords provision many times we firmly believe the best is yet to come.

Some Facts about Victory We are a local church by local people for local people. We have no denomination or fellowship to report to. We are all about the Bible, in fact we believe the Bible itself is sufficient for the needs of mankind. The Bible is key to Christianity so we don’t use gimmicks or wow emotions to replace solid Bible exposition. Our people from multiple church backgrounds. As a church we have simply agreed to use the 66 books of the Bible as our only rule for faith and practice.

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Our Core Values
We value tradition over entertainment in our worship and preaching.
We value the authority of the 66 books of the Bible. At Victory we value this as our only authority.
We value the autonomy of the local church. Which is the place the local church has in the local community.
We value the finished work of Christ through salvation by grace.

Our Staff

Pastor Corey Adams was born and grew up…

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