Sunday Services

If you are in the Hazleton area,we invite you to visit with us at 10a.m. Sunday morning. We are located on Main street in Junedale PA. Here is a list of written directions for your convince. From Hazleton South on Poplar Street pass thru Jeansville continue straight Enter Tresckow Turn left on Market Street Church is about 1 Mile ahead.

From McAdoo Tresckow Road past Industrial area Enter Tresckow Turn Right on Market street Church is about 1 mile ahead.

From I-81 Take 424 West to Poplar Street Turn Right continue thru Jeansville to Tresckow Left on Market street Church is about 1 mile.. Or click the map below to get directions from a specific location


Commonly Asked Questions

Our Sunday services are casual events as are our small group studies. Met With traditional music and theology.
We have a very welcoming atmosphere. The congregation will not make you feel like a stranger but like family
If you need someone to pray with do not hesitate to contact us, we count it a privilege to pray with you, At Victory we take prayer very seriously, your requests will be prayed for without delay.

We cannot wait to see you!

Thanks for stopping by at the website of Victory Bible Church, our intent is to be a blessing to you as you look around. Some times people experience illness or other life-changing events, or some move and are without a local church community to pray and fellowship with,we are here to help We are always happy to meet new people – all are welcome!

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